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Ruth is a doctorate prepared nurse practitioner from Arizona. She is licensed and credentialed to diagnose, manage, and treat adults with acute, subacute, and complex chronic conditions across the healthcare spectrum in Arizona and Colorado. She helped start the telemedicine revolution as a teleICU nurse practitioner in 2012. In 2013, she wrote a chapter called "Guidelines for Telemedicine for the Acute Care Provider" for a healthcare textbook. In 2018, Dr. Ruth completed her doctoral thesis by improving patient's mortality and decreasing days in the intensive care unit through telemedicine.

Dr. Ruth specializes in listening to the patient and exploring all options to help her patients.

She knows the benefits of feeling and looking good for a fuller, happier life. She discusses difficult topics, such as weight loss, sexual health, and erectile dysfunction, while keeping her patient's at ease. She treats the whole patient creating wellness rather than just treating the symptom.

Our Mission...

Creating quality healthcare in a compassionate way!


AMC Healthcare Association is a ministry formed as a 508(c)(1)(A). A non-profit healthcare ministry operating as a faith based association. It is a private healthcare association whose mission is to provide healthcare for the members of the association. The ministry was formed based on the First and Fourteenth Amendments. As a member you will have access to traditional and alternative medicine. The quality of healthcare increases because the insurance and government restrictions do not apply. Healthcare in this country has steadily declined and it is time to become part of a new healthcare system. AMC Healthcare Ministry is a part of a new, alternative healthcare system to recreate healthcare in a more compassionate way. We are focused on all aspects of the person, including body, mind and spirit.


Hear what Dr. Ruth's patients have to say!



Ruth is compassionate and can quickly diagnose from any location! Convenient kind care!!

Laura Y



A great resource for heath care. Brilliant doctor with a great heart. I highly recommend Dr Ruth to anyone.

Leon J



Dr. Ruth is knowledgeable and caring. She goes the extra mile. She has been so helpful every time I've called her. She really takes time to understand her patients' needs.

Nicole O

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