Creating Partnerships to Create a Strong Healthcare System

I have chosen to align with Freedom Healthcare as one of their supportive clinics. They, like me, feel that each individual can have access to holistic healthcare treating body, mind & spirit.

Learn the Benefits of Supporting Freedom Healthcare!

Freedom Healthcare's Mission Statement

To provide proactive, sound and nature-focused healthcare to individuals, providing value and making a difference in individuals lives through spirit-mind-body.

Freedom Healthcare is a private healthcare association, ministry-focused and membership based. Our model is Telehealth and Direct Primary Care Clinics with Concierge options.

Subsequent Phases will be Urgent Care, Specialty clinics, Micro-hospitals and finally educational and research facilities.

Benefits of joining Freedom Healthcare...

  • Access to all Member benefits on the Freedom healthcare website, including:

    • Pure Blood Ministry registration

    • Freedom Healthcare Advocacy Toolkit

    • "Risk at A Glance" and Extended Health Risk Assessments

    • Wellness Wednesday videos and information

    • Extensive health and wellness library

    • Healthcare conferences

    • Access to education platforms and discounts through the Freedom healthcare website

    • Affiliate brand products and discounts

    • More benefits being added!

  • Access to Freedom Healthcare supplemental products (forthcoming):

    • Adverse Incident Protection ("catastrophic")

    • Health Safeguard Protection ("insurance"")

    • Adverse Outcome Protection ("negligence")

  • Forthcoming supplemental enhancements:

    • Freedom Healthcare Telehealth

    • Freedom Healthcare Micro-hospitals

    • Freedom Healthcare Education Centers

AMC Healthcare is a designated as a "Supportive Clinic" with Freedom Healthcare. Our collaboration brings local provider benefits with the overarching mission of Freedom Healthcare to launch a NEW truly health-focused organization based on "spirit-mind-body" healing across America! As an AMC Healthcare Member you can help to support this mission by becoming a member of Freedom Healthcare. Click the button below to go to the Freedom Healthcare website and learn more.

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