What is a Private Healthcare Association?

A Private Healthcare Association is a type of a private membership association where services and participation are not open to the general public. Most people experience the government run healthcare systems which limit the kind of care you can receive, limiting your freedom of choice. A private healthcare association protects our right to continue to provide holistic alternative healthcare, and your right to receive services without restriction. The private healthcare association  protects our freedom of choice and association as stated in the 1st and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Our private membership association gives us the constitutional right to gather in private, and practice and receive the type of health care that we choose.

Why do I sign a membership agreement?

When you sign a membership agreement for a private membership organization, it means you are becoming a member of that organization. Membership in such organizations typically comes with certain rights and responsibilities. These agreements outline the terms and conditions of your membership, including your rights as a member, any obligations you may have, and the organization's expectations from its members.

How Do I contact the provider?

You can contact Dr. Ruth in several different ways:

•Call her at (480) 264-0723

•Email her at [email protected]

•Send a message through the patient portal

•Make an appointment

How Do I make an appointment?

You can access the appointment scheduler through the appointment link on the webpage.

If you do not see an appointment slot available for you, please call (480) 264-0723 for other options.

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What Do I do if there is an emergency?

If it is an emergency, call 911. If it is an urgent situation and you want to talk to Dr. Ruth before deciding what to do, please call her at (480) 264-0723.

Are there any other fees for my medical care?

Depending on the level of membership you have chosen, there may be other out of pocket expenses. Such as hormones pellets, additional lab work, or consultations. Lab work and prescriptions can be paid at a reduced rate or you can use your insurance for those services.

Do I Have to be a Member to see Dr. Ruth?

To see Dr. Ruth, you will need to sign the membership paperwork. You can choose one of the three options for membership, including our Remote - pay per service which you can pay per appointment.

Why Charge a Membership Fee?

The membership fee allows us to provide the majority of care for a simple fixed price, like a gym membership. This allows patients to have a set fee to budget for their healthcare and allows for a continuity of care.

Why is a Healthcare Membership a better option?

The old model of healthcare is lacking in continuity and attention to the whole Person. Dr. Ruth has a desire to change that by allowing more access to her through longer appointment times and convenient appointments including after hour appointments. Once you have established your baseline, Dr. Ruth will know your history and be able to assist you better than a visit to Urgent Care.

How can I start a membership and what does it cost?

You can click on the MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS in the navigation menu at the top of the webpage.

What Happens After I Join?

You will be directed to the appointment calendar where you can book an appointment for a diagnostic workup, refill a prescription or a baseline consultation.

Do I need Health Insurance if I have a membership?

High deductible insurance plans or major medical coverage plans will complement a healthcare membership. There will also be resources available soon for healthcare insurance through Freedom Healthcare.

What is Freedom Healthcare?

I have chosen to align with Freedom Healthcare as one of their supportive clinics. They, like me, feel that each individual can have access to holistic healthcare treating body, mind & spirit.

Freedom Healthcare is a new, alternative healthcare system, launching for personal freedom in healthcare! Their diverse medical teams will be from all genres and have a proactive focus on health in all aspects of life; body, mind and spirit.  In the future, it is their goal to have a private health association membership with Telehealth, direct primary care  and concierge options.

You can find out more about them by visiting the Freedom Healthcare website.

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